18-24 August
Learning languages on the mountain top in the west of Ukraine.
August 18| August 24
English | German | Russian |
| Ukrainian
Minimal English
language level A2
Babyn | Ukraine

Learning languages on the mountain top. Oh Yes!

It took us not to long to decided about next LECamp 2019. The Carpathian mountains - that's how we want to spend our summer with you! A combination of new languages, beautiful nature and cozy nights around the fire. It sounds like an unforgettable experience. So lets do it:)
More about LECamp location 2019
Khata-Maysternya is located at an altitude of 630 meters above sea level,which is 300 meters above the center of the village Babin, among the forests, which is shrouded in the Carpathian slopes. Language Exchange Camp is well acquainted with this place, because we have already organized two projects there in the summer of 2017. This is an area where you can be with others, with yourself and with nature. The Carpathian village, Babyn is full of life: there is not only the old Gutsuls house of the 1930s but also well equipment hostel, space for lessons, games, relaxation and wonderful mountain view. Here you will get to know the real hutsul traditions and cuisine.
To know more about LECamp location 2019 watch this video
Photo by Shifaaz
Teachers we love
Anastasia Kutalo
Russian and Ukrainian teacher, Ukraine
Anastasia works as a private teacher in Dnipro and is passionate about teaching languages. But also she shoots wonderful pictures and portraits we like so much!

Jagoda Wrotkowska
Polish teacher, Poland
Jagoda moved to Ukraine several years ago and learned Russian by herself. She works as professional translator and teaches her native language.
Gordon Sinnett
English teacher, Canada
While traveling through Ukraine and volunteering as an English teacher Gordon decided to join LECamp 2017. First as a participant and soon as a teacher.
Jory Alwani
English teacher, Libanon
Jory was born in Libya and grow up to be bilingual, living in Kiev for her studies and she loves spending her summer teaching English in LECamp.
Anastasiia Karpechenkova
Ukrainian and Russian teacher, Ukraine
As a future teacher of Russian language and literature, Anastasia was collecting her first teaching experiences during LECamp August 2017. Now she continues giving Russian lessons to foreigners in her native city.
Christopher Colell
German teacher, Germany
Chris was a camp participant in Summer 2017 where he studied Russian and Polish languages. And in Summer of 2018 he became our German language teacher and also continued to learn Russian.
Reasons to spend this summer with LECamp
Here is the detailed information about services, conditions and our vision of the LECamp project
Intensive Language Course
40 hours of language course of your choice
4 language courses: English, German, Russian, Ukrainian
Native speaking teachers
Language Tandems
Traveling and after-calss experiences
2 Days in Lviv
Bar and city tour in Lviv
Tour to the mountain tops
Hiking tours
Visiting Chernivtsi city

Food and Accommodation
All kinds of menu: vegetarian, vegan, meat menu
Accommodation in almost 100 years old house in mountains.
Modern rooms of 2-6 guests in a room
Individual Support
Support with booking tickets to and from Lviv
Transfer is included
Individual consulting by learning and traveling issues
Prices and Booking
Priceis 420 Euro
To participate in LECamp project we ask you for 30% deposit of the total sum within 2 weeks after the confirmation of your participation.
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