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It's all about Girl Power and the rock band 'Okean Elzy'.
Hi, we are Karina and Nastya. We are both Ukrainians who have lived and studied in Europe: Karina in Germany (Leipzig) and Nastya in the Czech Republic (Prague). We met via CouchSurfing, by coincidence, because of one Ukrainian rock concert. And it could be an ordinary story of city tours and a few beers in a bar BUT… we discovered that there is something important both of us would like to do: show our native country and all her beauty to others - foreigners, European students and travelers. So we decided to start with a small step: languages courses in Lviv, followed by trips to the Carpathians, and finally we combined these two ideas into one. That's how we created the Language Exchange Camp, and now we invite you to become a part of it.
Mountains. Sea side. Or something different.
You decide
Teachers we love
Anastasia Kutalo
Russian and Ukrainian teacher, Ukraine
Anastasia works as a private teacher in Dnipro and is passionate about teaching languages. But also she shoots wonderful pictures and portraits we like so much!

Jagoda Wrotkowska
Polish teacher, Poland
Jagoda moved to Ukraine several years ago and learned Russian by herself. She works as professional translator and teaches her native language.
Gordon Sinnett
English teacher, Canada
While traveling through Ukraine and volunteering as an English teacher Gordon decided to join LECamp 2017. First as a participant and soon as a teacher.
Jory Alwani
English teacher, Libanon
Jory was born in Libya and grow up to be bilingual, living in Kiev for her studies and she loves spending her summer teaching English in LECamp.
Anastasiia Karpechenkova
Ukrainian and Russian teacher, Ukraine
As a future teacher of Russian language and literature, Anastasia was collecting her first teaching experiences during LECamp August 2017. Now she continues giving Russian lessons to foreigners in her native city.
Julia Kazak
Russian and Ukrainian teacher, Ukraine
Julia was our first teacher and team member during our trips and courses in 2015. We love her contagious passion for spreading Ukrainian language and culture to the world.
There is nothing more to say than "I just want to go there again !". Great activities, great staff, great mountains, great friends, great memories :)
Tonio Fred
France / Sweden
The are moments in our life you don't want to forget. There are places you want to visit again. And, finally, there are people you really want to meet again. Guys, I don't know what to say. I'll miss you. See you soon!!!!
Jagoda Wrotkowska
I spent 2 weeks in LE camp in July 2017, it was a wonderful time, I met new friends, checked my English skills and studied basic Czech language)
Aleksey Tsabiy
I would recommend it to everyone who wants to forget about the city rackets and simply meet new strange people who will turn to your family from DAY 1.
We laughed, talked, played games, hiked and just made memories together!! GOOD TIMES :)
Jory Alwani
I had the time of my life here at the LE Camp. A great atmosphere with fun activities, in an agrarian mountain setting, and a lot of new friends from many countries. Highly recommended!
Gordon Sinnett
Our contacts
Feel free to write and call us. We really love to communicate with new people.
+38 093 721 7149 Anastasia (+WhatsApp, Viber)
+49 172 463 7691 Karina (+WhatsApp, Telegram)
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